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Please Disturb

Unisex sneaker brand HOTELMOTEL explores the duality between exclusive luxury and inclusive humanness. We create in a space where craftsmanship meets innovation, rawness meets perfection and seriousness meets playfulness. Our contradictory motto, PLEASE DISTURB, politely invites you to join us in our quest to disrupt the fashion industry in favour of a slower alternative.


Slow Fashion

Each piece we make is handcrafted with TLC using our own hands. We source our raw materials with great care, finding the finest and most ethical leathers and components, predominantly in France and Italy. We design and make unisex leather sneakers, handbags and wallets, each conceived for day-to-day wear, whether dressed up for the gala or dressed down for a stroll in the park. Best part is, over time they will mould to your feet and to your body, becoming an extremely comfortable extension of you.


Art Factor

We believe that handmade shoes are pieces of art.  We collaborates with artists, designers and fellow crafters to create, to inspire and to bring talents together. Every collaboration is unique and results in a limited edition or a one of a kind masterpiece. Our latest collaboration : the Monotype taco bags with Vancouver artists Sara-Jeanne Bourget and Mark Johnsen.


Collab * Monotype Taco Bags

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“Hotel Motel, Holiday Inn” Sugarhill Gang



Contact us:

Visit us: 5333 avenue Casgrain suite 706
Montréal, Québec, Canada
H2T 1X3